Tulirekha Art School (Since 1992) will now be known as Tulirekha Art Academy (TAA).

A place to develop your latent talent…

A Gallery Space with a permanent collection of selected Artworks created by pioneer Assam Artist ASUDEV (1917-1983). Under the initiative of ASUDEV ART FOUNDATION, a non-profit family trust, this space displays a selected Artworks of the legendary painter opens to public viewing. The space also provides scope for artistic experiments and various creative innovations under the provisions of the Trust. 

Programmes to promote creativity, and sustain artistic pursuits among young children to explore their latent talents.The ‘Tulirekha Art Academy’ an initiative of Artist and Art Educator, Tulirekha Deb, developing artistic talents through divergent visual medium. 

Interested viewers can visit the Gallery for a walk through the artistic works of the pioneering artist ASUDEV at their convenience, preferably on Holidays and Sunday (3 P.M. to 7 P.M.)

LOCATION: House No.45, Barthakur Mill Road, Opposite Panchajanya Bhawan, Ulubari, Guwahati 781 007 Assam