In the journey of progressive approach of RGS, we take the pride of inculcating the value of mutual relationship of the school and the social order, by setting up mural of ‘Seven Sisters and one Brother’ . The size of the mural is 8 ft × 14.5 ft. The mural has been done with synthetic clay on water proof ply board . The upper part of the mural has been done with folk designs with different colour block by the use of Acrylic colour and the metallic colour .It has been constructed in the management block (B- Block- Ground floor) of the school premise.
Students has contributed their hard work and creativity under the guidance of the art faculty Mrs. Tulirekha Deb. RGS believes that collectively created mural in its own premise would provide a permanent testimony to cultural achievement, which is an important aesthetic experience with equally significant educational by-products.
Name of the Artist (Students):
1. Lipi Koyu
2. Jigme Camdir Teli
3. Rajikant Mangkhom
4. Mehendi Raj Haobijam
Art Faculty: Mrs. Tulirekha Deb